the festival is invaded by AR technology

The 2022 edition of the legendary Cannes Lions international festival of creativity is invaded by AR technology. Lots of fun AR experiences to unlock and explore using Niantic’s Lightship VPS technology.

Founded in 1954, the International Festival of Creativity is an annual global event that takes place in Cannes every June. It is one of the most prestigious events in the creative communication sector. Each year, it brings together leaders, entrepreneurs and creative people. There are also opinion leaders and professionals from the various advertising industries, coming from 90 countries.

This year, the organizers are therefore enhancing the festival by offering attendees a variety of interactive AR experiences. For this, they have established a new partnership with Nianticthe American startup behind Pokemon Go. They can discover them and unlock them throughout the area where the event is taking place. Note that the 2022 edition of the Cannes Lions begins today, and will end on June 24.

Cannes Lions 2022: AR experiences to discover

As a partner of Cannes Lions 2022, Niantic relies on the 8th Wall technology to deliver interactive AR experiences to attendees. As a reminder, the company has acquired the webAR development platform last March in order to move up a gear with AR technology. It allows it to offer very captivating WebAR experiences to different users.

They can access it using their smartphone without having to download a third-party application. Among the AR experiences to discover during the 2022 edition of the international festival of creativity, we count, among others, the AR treasure hunt Doty’s Metaverse Trek. This is an artwork by Aircards, in partnership with Emodo, in addition to the Niantic ARship Tour.

The various visitors also have the opportunity to share their Cannes adventure by sending their family and friends an AR postcard created by Orb Amsterdam. They can also visit the Screenless NFT AR exhibition organized by Turboslow, an NFT design agency. Note that to launch the proposed AR experiences, they only have to locate and scan an “8 Code” QR code. There are several of them, spread around the festival area. To do this, of course, they only have to use the camera of their smartphone.

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