the billionaire’s obsession with Twitter undermines his industrial successes

A few years ago, it suddenly became inappropriate to spend a stay in one of the Trump residences, since the president of the United States was such a foil. Will we be able to parade in a Tesla tomorrow, like the wealthy Democratic nerds of Silicon Valley, or will his association with his boss, Elon Musk, 51, have become a foil?

If customers are loyal at the moment, Tesla’s image is significantly tarnished. Perceptions of the brand turned generally negative in November, according to a Yougov survey. It will be partisan. According to Morningconsult, Republicans and Democrats had a very positive image of Tesla in January: positive opinions exceeded negative opinions by 31 points. That rate crumbled to 26.5 points for Republicans and, above all, collapsed to 10.4 for Democrats. It is about Elon Musk’s behavior since he took control of Twitter.

The new owner does not act as a neutral manager of the platform. He doesn’t even have the attitude of a traditional media boss who pushes his political agenda but remains cautiously in the background. He multiplies political excursions in all directions, against the “woke” culture, against Joe Biden, against the US central bank, against the anti-Covid-19 policy.

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Most recently, the suspension of reports by journalists from major media, accused of indirectly giving his position in real time and threatening his and his family’s safety. that washington post believes that Mr. Musk “No evidence that any of the journalists did it”. The world could not examine the contents of the accounts in question, as these were suspended. On the morning of Friday, December 16, the interested party defended itself against the outcry: “If someone published real-time locations and addresses of journalists in New York Times, the FBI would investigate, there would be congressional hearings, and Biden would make speeches about the end of democracy! » Nevertheless, these positions are destroying Twitter’s reputation and its ad revenue, with no one knowing where this battle will take the billionaire.

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“Massive misallocation of time and talent”

Born as a South African, Elon Musk can in no way claim the presidency of the United States, but this 50-year-old libertarian has become one of the most important political players on the right of the American chessboard. Republicans cheer the anti “woke” crusade led by Musk, the left cries foul. “Randomly banning journalists only increases the intensity around you. Pause and push back against neo-fascism. Maybe try putting your phone down”, urged Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Europeans, for their part, are planning to ban Twitter.

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