The biggest trade events in the world

When you want to invest in financial assets (currencies, shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities), it is essential, even crucial, to stay informed about events that contribute to the success of future financial projects, not only to ensure a result, that lives up to expectations, but also to avoid failures that can lead to losses that can sometimes lead to bankruptcy.

To do this, you need to stay connected to international trade events, which always allow you to anticipate the investments to be made and move forward with trusted partners that you can meet during trade-related events, whether online or with events inAvatrade or at shows like Investir Day, which is the biggest trading event in the world this year. More details later in this article.

Follow economic statistics and the media

The first golden rule for the trader, whether investing nationally or internationally: trust statistics and read the international financial press. To follow the statistics that are significant and that affect the volatility of the values ​​in the financial markets, it is very useful to follow an economic calendar that foresees the announcements of the assets and their values, which logically affects the portfolios of traders and they provide opportunity to better manage the risks that arise when markets open and close.

The statistics to follow, regardless of the target market, are always the figures for inflation, the country’s growth and the labor market. These statistics are continuously examined by the state banks, which join them in order to implement their economic policy.

Be aware of economic events that affect monetary policy

Any good trader who invests in financial stocks must take into account the fluctuations of a monetary policy, which is often affected by economic crises, as was seen at the end of 2021 in the United States, where an employment crisis affected the dollar and where the inflation spectrum pushed on. The Fed (American Central Bank) to be stricter in terms of repayments of loans granted, which resulted in a drop in the New York Stock Exchange and led to a 70% drop in the value of BTC. Good traders following US economic policy evidently saw in this economic event an opportunity to buy digital currencies that were worth $59,000 a year ago and are now capped at $16,449. This risk taking may seem like a loss, but a major event in 2023-2024 should hit the jackpot for its risk takers.

The Halving BTC, an event planned for 2024?

The most awaited event by crypto traders who are patient while earning Bitcoins at the moment is the BTC Halving. This protocol, put in place by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of cryptocurrency, takes place on average every four years (the last one took place before the Covid pandemic, the 2022 edition has been postponed) and is unbreakable, that is, nothing will stop it. It makes it possible to divide the number of BTC on the market by two, each time increasing the value of the digital currency (rarity = expensive). It is therefore on this event that traders depend to make their newly purchased Bitcoin increase in value. The calculation can be good, but you also need to have the necessary capital, although BTC has seen its value fall below $17,000 per all digital values ​​are expected, which will lead to an unprecedented bull market in the international financial sphere.

How to stay up to date with the latest trade events around the world?

One of the best ways to be aware very quickly of global financial movements that will have a direct impact on your investments is to create an account on an online trading platform such as Avatrade, which provides access to a detailed economic calendar, in real time and which makes it possible to program buy or sell orders on more than 250 stocks worldwide. The advantage of this type of platform is that it is no longer necessary to go through the various economic and financial newspapers of the planet, as the interface does it for you by targeting your preferred assets.

Finally, the trade events in the world are all presented on these platforms and allow professionals to meet in virtual or face-to-face fairs according to the organizers, so the next investor fair is Investir Day, which will take place on November 29 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris , which will bring together listed companies, management companies, brokers, cryptocurrency investors, financial analysts… in other words, all the players who matter in trade today in France and internationally.

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