The bankrupt Nuri crypto-bank does not leave its customers in trouble

Unlike many crypto players who took to the water and swept away the customers who had trusted them in their shipwreck, the German crypto bank Nuri is an exception. The fall certainly, but in the area of ​​honor, because while it is declared bankrupt, it invites users to be able to withdraw their funds before its final closure.

The crypto bank Nuri thinks about its customers’ funds

Digital asset platform Nuri, formerly Bitwala, does it right. While it filed for insolvency earlier this year and has not found a buyer, it allows users to withdraw their funds until December 18, 2022.

Customers have access to their funds and will be able to withdraw them in full until the above date. All assets in your Nuri account are safe and unaffected by Nuri’s insolvency. Trading will remain possible until 30/11/2022.

Kristina Walcker-Mayer, CEO of Nuri, in press release

This position contrasts with the management of the funds of the customers on the other platforms that offer more or less the same services, storage and exchange of crypto and returns on some of them, and which also suffered the pain of a harsh crypto winter.

A position that stands in positive contrast to many other bankrupt companies

Finally not only the rigors of winter exposed harmful practices that characterized many of them who played a dangerous game with the assets entrusted to them.. Of course we think initially to Celsius and its managers, whose abuses, as they are revealed, continue to amaze and outrage. Especially since in order to cover their misdeeds, they have found nothing better than to abandon the users of the platform by freezing access to their accounts. Disgruntled users who were not at the end of their bad surprise when they saw their names, first names and holdings in crypto exposed to everyone’s eyes after the judicial liquidation procedure.

After them, the deluge seemed to be the leitmotif of Celsius executives, according to the revelations, which ended up convincing even one Sam Bankman-Fried, candidate for the takeover of the company, to abandon it in light of the scale of the disaster.. The option chosen was final. , as recommended by a pro-crypto regulator, to refuse to store structures with questionable practices.

Moreover Celsius is no stranger to Nuri’s bankruptcy. It is mainly because of a partnership with the lender-fraudster as part of its Bitcoin fee savings offering that the company ran into difficulties.

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