TF1/M6 fusion, “Star Academy”, Elon Musk… The 2022 media year seen by Jean-Baptiste Marteau

What should you remember from the past media year? At the end of the year, invited several personalities to look back on the past twelve months, with the now traditional “Media year seen by…”. The trip to Jean-Baptiste Marteau, joker for “Télématin” on France 2 and Matthieu Belliard in “C à vous” on France 5.

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Media personality of the year?
Elon Musk. The billionaire ventured into media and much political terrain by taking control of Twitter. As one might fear, his first steps are very dangerous for democracy. Banning a dozen journalists who had written about him is very revealing.

Politician of the year?
Volodymyr Zelensky. Hard to miss the Ukrainian president. In addition to being a very good communicator, he is a man who knew how to unite Ukrainians in the face of the incomprehensible invasion decided by Vladimir Putin. The resilience of Ukrainians is admirable.

Media stunt of the year?
The return of “Star Ac'”! It’s a show that marked my teenage years, I went very regularly to see the premiere on the Plaine Saint-Denis set. Succeeding in relaunching such a brand 20 years later is a huge success and proves that entertainment on TV is far from dead.

Media lie of the year?
Elon Musk, who claims to defend free speech by buying Twitter.

TV show of the year?
Sorry, I’m going to sound a bit “corporate”… But I really think it’s “Télématin”! First morning in France, the show had lost momentum for several years. By redirecting it towards “news” without losing the soul of this mythical show, the new team managed to increase the audience by more than 10% in 2022. This is very rare today.

Radio show of the year?
There would be many to quote… I would say Philippe Caverivière’s chronicles on RTL. He has a crazy talent. Special mention also to my friend Bertrand Chameroy who is excellent every Monday morning by Yves Calvi.

Series of the year?
I have a passion for historical series. I would first say “Marie-Antoinette” by Deborah Davis. But also the essential “Crown” or even “Empress”, which revisits Sissi’s beginnings from an original angle.

Your favorite social media account this year?
@les.caracteres on Instagram. I love ! Lara Daniel makes me scream with laughter, especially when she puts herself in Isabelle’s shoes, the middle-class mother who totally failed with her children.

Media slip-up of the year?
The countless clashes of pseudo-talk shows. I’m not drawing you a picture.

TV/radio flop of the year?
It’s hard not to mention the failed merger between TF1 and M6. Time will tell if this is good or bad news for the media industry.

Journalist of the year?
Caroline Roux. The right tone regardless of format, debate or interview. Never aggressive, always precise and determined. Great pro!

Host of the year?
Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Behind the jovial gang leader is a journalist who works a lot with the whole “C à vous” team. This show is candy.

The picture, the event of the year?
The courage of Iranian women who take off their veils despite the oppression of the mullahs.

The media personality who will mark 2023?
The captain of the rugby team, Antoine Dupont, when he lifts the World Cup next October at the Stade de France… It would be magical to win this World Cup on home soil. This team can afford it. They are extraordinary.

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