Tesla: definitely, Elon Musk makes life hard for his employees

News hardware Tesla: definitely, Elon Musk makes life hard for his employees

Elon Musk has been pushing his employees at Tesla for some time to get back to physical work. For the past few days, employees have been receiving emails to alert them to too many days when they have not badged on the production site.

Elon Musk continues to spy on Tesla employees

Since the Covid, remote work has become more democratic and we have seen companies that allow their employees to do what they want with their schedule. Coming, not coming, it’s up to them.

This is very far from the case for the world’s number one electric car manufacturer. Elon Musk, again, does not like telework and has already made it known. Now employees are starting to receive an automatic email to reprimand them for their excessive absence.

The latter explains that the employee has not badged for at least 16 days out of a period of 30 days, while specifying that the latest company policy obliges everyone to be present on site and all the time. Any absence is supposed to be justified.

This information was seen by Business Insider on the Blind site, a platform for posting opinions and comments in a verified and anonymous way on companies. This is the perfect place to see the rather disconcerting testimonies of members of Tesla.

A real push that follows Elon’s very strict remote work policy.

Yet another abuse from Elon Musk

This is far from the first episode of Elon Musk’s series that puts pressure on his employees. The billionaire boss had already issued an ultimatum recently, specifying that each employee should be present on site 40 hours a week, and that if they refused, they would be invited to resign.

This choice was justified by the fact that the warehouse workers had always been forced to come on site, even in the midst of the Covid crisis. So it would be a matter of fairness.

But the concern of having everyone in physics is the lack of space. Indeed, on the site located in Fremont in the USA, more than 100,000 employees are supposed to work there but the number of spots in offices or parking lots does not correspond. Managers have been forced to break Tesla’s rule and send colleagues to telecommute regularly.

All this is without mentioning Elon Musk’s plan to lay off no less than 10% of his entire workforce because of the declining economic context. The least we can say is that the future of Tesla employees is not very rosy.

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