Technology. What can 3D printing be used for?

Whatever your sector of activity: viticulture, breeding, construction, medical industry, agri-food, architecture and others, 3D printing is a cutting-edge technology capable of providing you with all the useful solutions to solve your problems. Let’s see in detail how 3D printing can help you in your daily life.

What to do in the era of the technological boom?

The analysis of ovarian tumor identification tests will soon be a reality in the city of Dijon. In France, the Georges-François-Leclerc center is the first structure to carry out this type of analysis. Until very recently, samples had to be sent to the USA to carry out these tests. The choice of the Dijon cancer center was made by an American laboratory, partner of the project. It is therefore a technological advance, and not the least, which demonstrates French know-how whose mastery does not suffer from any dispute.

Like several other structures installed in the region, your company must make use of 3D printing, another technological innovation allowing the production of a quantity of objects, parts or articles. Whether it’s distillery equipment, kitchen equipment, the creation of sculptures and decorative objects, additive manufacturing gives you the ability to become master of your universe.

How does 3D printing work?

It’s only been making headlines for a few years, but 3D printing is over 30 years old. The filing of the first patent concerning this technology dates back to 1984. The 3D printer is used to manufacture everyday objects. As far as the production is concerned, it uses stereolithography techniques. This designates the manufacturing techniques which are based on the addition of material, layer by layer, on a support. It is this manufacturing method that gives 3D printing its other name: additive manufacturing.

The fact that 3D printing tends to popularize does not detract from the complexity of its use. Moreover, investing in the purchase of a 3D printer is not an easy task either. On the contrary, it is even a matter of big money. In addition, it may happen that its use requires you to have more advanced skills regarding the mastery of this equipment and the production of items. But never mind, the possibility exists for you to use an online 3D printing service. These professionals will be able to guide you. They will help you to design your objects in digital file and to produce them.

What is the scope of 3D printing?

The possibilities offered by 3D printing technologies for companies are numerous. Additive manufacturing allows you, for example, to boost your company’s production. The creation of guides or tools of all kinds is the DNA of 3D. You can also produce master models or molds. 3D finally allows you to free yourself from the constraints of deadlines and forms. With this technology, the work of your production teams will be optimized. And they will be able to receive the manufacturing tools more quickly.

3D printing is a versatile technology. Its use is suitable for several sectors of activity. Produce highly accurate objects using a 3D printer. In the field of health, 3D printing allows you to produce implants or prostheses. Currently, it is even possible to print tissues for the transplantation of human organs or the treatment of certain cancers. You should also know that you can use various materials for your prints. Plastic is certainly the most common material, but it is possible to create objects with materials such as sugar or chocolate.

What can you do with a 3D printer?

Users of 3D printing technology come from a variety of industries. Whether you are a family member, winemaker, architect, healthcare professional, craftsman or techie, you can use a 3D printer. In addition to the possibility of developing a professional activity or learning to model objects, the expression of creativity is another advantage that additive manufacturing offers you. You can 3D print all types of objects. Its production capacity ranges from simple parts to more advanced technical tools. In short, 3D printing allows you to create objects for everyday use, but not only.

The implementation of personalized designs with unique patterns is another advantage of this method of manufacture. If you are a fan of Do it Yourself (do it yourself), this technology will accompany you in your everyday life. You are a professional, the usefulness of a 3D printer is well established. Design of highly technical products and tools such as prostheses, parts for utility vehicles, tractors and other farm equipment, agricultural tools, spare parts for boats, etc.

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