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Claiming CO2 neutrality by 2050 entails strict obligations for companies. Especially with a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. So why not use technology to achieve this?

What is the carbon footprint?

We need to see the carbon footprint as a tool to measure greenhouse gas or greenhouse gas emissions. This measure takes into account both the organization’s direct activities, but also the indirect activities with partners and suppliers. These various activities constitute a greenhouse gas report. But be aware that in order to establish a carbon footprint, it is imperative to take into account 3 different levels.

First of all, Scope 1, which represents all the greenhouse gases that the company emits. Then, Scope 2 must represent indirect emissions such as the consumption of gas or electricity to run the company’s many activities. Finally, Scope 3 focuses on indirect emissions produced throughout the company’s lifetime. So to reduce your carbon footprint, don’t hesitate to use new technologies. Especially by visiting the fleetenergies site to find the solution to reduce the environmental footprint and reduce energy costs for fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment.

Fleetenergie’s Overview

If you want to drastically reduce your environmental footprint in terms of heavy equipment and car fleets, discovering Fleetenergies is imperative. It is the SaaS solution that is based on 14 years of development and the processing of millions of data on a daily basis. In this way, the company has succeeded in developing real know-how and, in particular, a patented technology that makes it possible to obtain an accurate measurement of carbon dioxide emissions, fuel consumption and Nox for any type of vehicle.

Furthermore, it is a real-time measurement that can also be applied to drivers and goods. In addition, it is a solution belonging to GLEC Scope 1 and 3 carbon reporting.

What are the advantages of Fleetenergie’s solution?

By choosing the Fleetenergies solution, you will be able to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and your fuel bills by up to 30%. In fact, the technology is intended to be particularly accurate to measure the consumption of your fleet of heavy vehicles in real time. All information is directly accessible from an ergonomic interface through a SaaS solution.

First, Fleetenergies establishes a connection with your client. An absolute necessity to retrieve all the useful information. Then the data is enriched. In this way, you get your consumption in real time, you control waste and theft, SCOPE 1 & 3 CO2 reporting, you get access to live tracking, eco-driving and filling optimizations.

This way you will be able to reduce your fuel costs while controlling your carbon dioxide emissions. In summary, the Fleetenergies solution is carried out in three steps. First, you connect your vehicles to the data engine. Then you save on your fuel costs, up to 30%. Finally, you get legal reporting on your scope 1 and 3 emissions.

Precise technology at your disposal

In order to preserve the environment, it is important to use new technologies. That’s why you have every reason to try the Fleetenergies solution to reduce your fuel bills and your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30%.

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