Technology, Meta platforms: criticism of slowness

Published 26 Dec 2022 at 19.35Updated 26 Dec. 2022 at 19:38

“Move fast and break things”. Despite the slogan from his debut, Mark Zuckerberg now appears to be moving too slowly to seduce Wall Street. The out-of-court settlement of the class action sparked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal thankfully clears a black page from its reputation. But he also recalls how the challenges have accumulated since March 2018.

After rectifying the use of data (5 billion fine), Facebook’s boss, renamed Meta, has come under the antitrust’s sights, a paradoxical situation because there is never competition to share the cake. advertising seemed so serious. The popularity of Tik Tok and Apple’s new rules of the game are making advertisers think. As for the metaverse makeover, it won’t pay off until the end of the decade, if successful.

Depressed rating

We had to lure financial investors with a savings plan. Since the beginning of 2022, among the values ​​of the “FANG +” index, Tesla has also underperformed in relative value and Amazon in absolute value.

However, Meta’s valuation remains the most depressed (just over 15 times 2023 earnings) within this “benchmark” (barely 22 times), which brings together Google Now, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as five other large technology-intensive US equities. Above all, it is lower than Alphabet’s (a little less than 18 times), the second story of online advertising, which seems a little less threatened.

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