Elon Musk, majority shareholder of Twitter, will not sit on the board of directors

Will the Elon Musk revolution cause pschiit? Became the majority shareholder of Twitter, on April 4, by taking a 9.2% stake in the capital of the American company, for a value of approximately 2.9 billion dollars (2.6 billion euros ), the boss of Tesla and SpaceX wanted “implement significant improvements”. While he seemed to be … Read more

Twitter shareholders vote in favor of proposed takeover of Elon Musk

Published on : 09/14/2022 – 04:33 Twitter shareholders on Tuesday approved by 98.6% the agreement to buy Twitter from billionaire Elon Musk, a month before the start of the trial which aims to force the latter to honor his commitment. At the same time, Peiter Zatko, the former head of security for the social network, … Read more

Elon Musk turns Twitter into a revealer

Ln January 17, 2020, Twitter gathered 4,000 of its employees in Houston, Texas for its biannual convention called “#OneTeam”. On stage, CEO Jack Dorsey announces a surprise guest to spice up the event. Then appears on a giant screen… Elon Musk, live from his office at Tesla, the high-end electric car company he has been … Read more

Elon Musk talks about Fortnite, the video posted by Benjyfishy would be fake – Breakflip

Elon Musk would have spoken about Fortnite, in a video that can be found on Twitter! But is it completely true? It is on Twitter that Benjyfishy, ​​a former pro player on Fortnite, posted a video that made a lot of talk about her! In it, we see Elon Musk speaks about Fortnite, and more … Read more

Elon Musk asks whistleblower to testify

Published on : 08/30/2022 – 05:02 Elon Musk, in the midst of a legal tussle against Twitter, asked the social network’s former security chief, whistleblower Peiter Zatko, to provide him with documents and to testify about the lies that the latter denounced last month to US regulators. Peiter Zatko’s lawyers have indicated that their client … Read more

Elon Musk quotes ex-security chief in new letter justifying abandonment of takeover

The letter, addressed to the legal manager of Twitter, was made public on Tuesday by the American stock market policeman. Elon Musk cited in a new letter to Twitter the accusations made by the company’s former security chief, Peiter Zatko, as justification for abandoning his takeover plan, initially announced in early July. “Allegations of certain … Read more

Elon Musk takes Twitter off the stock market after a big stake

Published on : 04/04/2022 – 16:03Modified : 04/04/2022 – 16:50 Twitter stock soared on Monday after Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, acquired more than 73 million shares. A great user of the social network but also critical of its operation, the boss of SpaceX thus becomes the first shareholder of the platform. … Read more

Ex-Twitter boss ordered by Elon Musk to provide documents

Elon Musk has served ex-Twitter boss Jack Dorsey with an injunction to provide a whole series of documents, as part of the battle he launched to extricate himself from the $ 44 billion takeover deal of the social network. According to documents made public Monday, August 22, Jack Dorsey was ordered to give Elon Musk … Read more

But why is Elon Musk selling pieces of Tesla on the stock market? Need cash or afraid of going out of fashion?

©Brendan Smialowski/AFP Atlantico Business Not only does he not have the 44 billion dollars in cash to buy back Twitter if justice finally forces him to do so, but he seems to have trouble being able to count on the financiers who, at the start, had promised to support him. Perhaps he is also afraid … Read more