The world’s first high-tech battery-powered domestic trolleybus (…)

Published it 7 minutes ago | by The chin | Number of visits: 0 | Turkey’s first high-tech battery-powered domestic trolleybus, which is designed and manufactured by Turkish engineer and carries passengers without being connected to the catenary line (power supply line), will start running in 2023. Bozankaya company presented “Trambus”, “Turkey’s first high-tech battery-powered … Read more

Kazakhstan tightens laws on cryptocurrency mining

Kazakhstan tightens laws on cryptocurrency mining

In particular, the country is planning the introduction of a tax and the possession of a compulsory license for companies that mine cryptocurrencies. Kazakhstan, one of the world’s leading producers of cryptocurrencies, will tighten its laws regarding the virtual currency creation industry, an energy-intensive process in Central Asia’s largest state, plagued by regular blackouts. The … Read more

Robinhood, the brutal fall of a popular trading platform

By Tom Kerkour Posted on 29/04/2022 at 18:06., Update on 29/04/2022 at 19:17. With the pandemic, to escape boredom and make some money, some have turned to applications like Robinhood, which promises funding open to everyone with a few clicks. Riccardo Milani/Hans Lucas HISTORY – The new broker was one of the stars of the … Read more

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, whistleblower and joker in the Twitter-Musk case

Known and respected in the cybersecurity community, the former security chief of Twitter Peiter Zatko is a boon for Elon Musk in the case which opposes him to the social network, even if the scope of the accusations of the launcher warning remain to be demonstrated. Nicknamed “Mudge”, the 51-year-old computer scientist must answer questions … Read more

Australian woman pockets $10.5 million after mistake

An employee of the trading platform entered the user’s account number in the payment amount field. This is a careless mistake that is costing the company dearly. An employee of the cryptocurrency exchange platform inadvertently sent nearly $10.5 million to one of its Australian users, instead of the $70 refund she requested, reports … Read more

Elon Musk quotes ex-security chief in new letter justifying abandonment of takeover

The letter, addressed to the legal manager of Twitter, was made public on Tuesday by the American stock market policeman. Elon Musk cited in a new letter to Twitter the accusations made by the company’s former security chief, Peiter Zatko, as justification for abandoning his takeover plan, initially announced in early July. “Allegations of certain … Read more

Elon Musk gives details about the android Optimus

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] humanoid robots Humanoid, android or gynoid robots: what’s the difference? No time to read? Check out the podcast from which this article is taken. © Futura A tweet posted on June 3 by the multi-billionaire indeed suggested that a first functional prototype could be presented on September 30, … Read more

How Elon Musk conquered space with SpaceX

The topic of the day. Twenty years ago, Elon Musk set himself a major challenge: that of aerospace conquest. If the beginnings of his private company SpaceX were difficult, this tech boss, who became a multi-billionaire after notably reselling PayPal to EBay, quickly established himself as a key player in space. “SpaceX’s goal is to … Read more

Twitter invokes the duel against Elon Musk to justify its growth failure

By Chloe Woitier Posted on 07/22/2022 at 20:14, Update on 07/25/2022 at 15:03 Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California. AMY OSBORNE/AFP Victims of the caution of advertisers and the economy, its revenues fell by 1%. Shutdown for Twitter. After seven consecutive quarters in the green, the social network’s revenues recorded a decline of 1% for … Read more