Why should you buy car insurance?

Why should you buy car insurance?

Having car insurance is a necessity before you hit the road. No matter what you drive, it can be one of the most important and practical ways to protect your safety and your property. If you are considering buying car insurance, this article is for you! We will examine all the reasons why you need … Read more

The US Senate confirms the appointment of a female ambassador to Russia

The US Senate confirms the appointment of a female ambassador to Russia

The US Senate on Wednesday (December 21) confirmed the appointment of a Russian-speaking career diplomat as US ambassador to Moscow, amid heightened tensions with Russia since the launch of its offensive in Ukraine. The Senate voted 93 to 2 to nominate Lynne Tracy, current US Ambassador to Armenia and former number two at the US … Read more

Pravind Jugnauth admits that the Statens Handelsselskab’s price stabilization account is in deficit

GM can’t lower fuel prices. This aspect of the Prime Minister’s statement, delivered on Monday in Chamarel, went somewhat unnoticed. Regarding the drop in fuel prices, he blah blah about Nishal Joyram’s action. Then Pravind Jugnauth declared, and that was what needed to be heard, that the Statens Handelsselskab’s price stabilization account is in deficit. … Read more

Trade crisis in Burkina: “The situation is going from bad to worse” (victims of trade account freeze)

The Association of Victims of Trafficking provided an update on the progress of their trial on Saturday 19 November 2022 in Ouagadougou. 3 years later, according to the investors, nothing has happened, and the companies still owe around DKK 35 billion (capital, not including return on investment) to the victims. What’s next after this ad … Read more

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, whistleblower and joker in the Twitter-Musk case

Known and respected in the cybersecurity community, the former security chief of Twitter Peiter Zatko is a boon for Elon Musk in the case which opposes him to the social network, even if the scope of the accusations of the launcher warning remain to be demonstrated. Nicknamed “Mudge”, the 51-year-old computer scientist must answer questions … Read more

Mexican scientist convicted in US of spying for Russia

A renowned Mexican scientist was sentenced on Tuesday June 21 by a US court to four years in prison for spying for Russia. Hector Cabrera Fuentes, 37, pleaded guilty in February to acting for a foreign government without notifying US authorities. Read alsoPutin’s propagandists promote territorial expansionism: ‘We are the heirs of the Mongol Empire’ … Read more

Injections of anti-Covid vaccines for toddlers will be able to begin in the United States

US health authorities on Saturday recommended Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines for toddlers, with the US becoming the first country to make injections of these two messenger RNA vaccines possible from 6 months of age. age. Read alsoWTO painstakingly snatches agreements on fisheries and vaccines On Friday, the American Medicines Agency (FDA) had already authorized … Read more

two dead, one injured in shooting outside Alabama church

A shooting Thursday, June 16 in front of a church in Vestavia Hills in Alabama (southern United States) left two dead and one injured, announced the city police, adding that a suspect was in custody. Read also“Weapons are in the DNA of the United States”: journey to the heart of American excess “Three people at … Read more

black teenager cleared of murder 91 years after execution

He had been sentenced to death and executed at 16 for murder: 91 years later, a court in Pennsylvania, in the eastern United States, this week recognized the innocence of Alexander McClay Williams, giving justice to this African-American and his only surviving 92-year-old sister. Read alsoDeath penalty: executioner in France, history of a taboo job … Read more