US mulls letting Russia continue to repay dollar debt

The United States is considering whether to let expire or extend a sanctions waiver that allows Russia to continue to repay its debt and thus escape default, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday. Read alsoRussia finally escapes default in confusion It is “something we are actively looking at right now. We want to make … Read more

the green sticker on the windshield may soon disappear

The federation of insurance companies is campaigning for its abolition. Discussions are underway with the government but the decision should not be taken before the end of the summer. Become essential on the windshield of every French car, the insurance certificate as a green sticker may soon disappear. In any case, this is the wish … Read more

Fed expected to raise rates ‘quickly’ this year, official says

The US central bank has already hiked rates twice this year, in March and early May, to curb inflation. US central bank expected to raise ratesrapidlyby the end of the year, after two initial increases in March and early May, in order to slow inflation, the president of the New York branch of the Fed, … Read more

More plethora of job creations in April in the United States

Joe Biden welcomes this movement of business leaders, which promotes post-Covid economic recovery. American companies continued in April to increase hiring, a trend welcomed by Joe Biden who sees it as the result of his economic policy. Read alsoUnited States: increase in job creation in the private sector in September Despite higher costs due to … Read more

This trick to give via life insurance, and prevent the money from being wasted

OUR ADVICE – This investment, well suited to making money grow over the long term, offers real guarantees in the use of funds. Parents or grandparents who wish to build up a woolen stocking for their children or grandchildren often turn to the Livret A to store this savings. Due to the renewed inflation, the … Read more

Termination of insurance contracts will be easier

Insurers will have to comply with the new rules from July 1, 2023. Termination and simplicity have never gone hand in hand. Alerted by the insurance mediator to the confusion and incomprehension in a number of contract termination procedures, the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) took up the issue by creating a working group specially … Read more

Elon Musk in US court over Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity

Some of Tesla’s investors criticize its founder for having acquired SolarCity with funds from the manufacturer, when he was financially fragile. Tesla boss Elon Musk will have to defend himself in US court for his role in the controversial acquisition of solar panel maker SolarCity, in a trial beginning Monday. The multi-billionaire is being sued … Read more

a broker and manager who is reinventing personal insurance

The subjects inherent to insurance and health weigh heavily in business. Due to a lack of time, but also given the technicality of these subjects, managers and HR departments increasingly need trusted third parties to manage them. For 50 years, the COLONNA group has delivered its know-how in social protection while injecting new energy into … Read more

In the United States, inflation accelerated further in March to 6.6% year on year

“Energy prices increased by 33.9% while food prices increased by 9.2%” over one year, the authorities said. Consumer prices in the United States continued to rise in March, rising 6.6% over one year and 0.9% over one month, according to the PCE inflation index, published Friday by the Department of Trade. This indicator, the preferred … Read more

Life insurance signs its best start to the year in eleven years

Retirement savings plans and booklets A and sustainable development and solidarity are also on the rise. The French life insurance market is in great shape: it recorded positive net inflows of 8.4 billion euros in the first quarter, an amount more seen since 2011 for this period of the year, according to figures published on … Read more