Top Performing Bitcoin Trading Countries in 2022

Individuals and businesses can invest in bitcoin in several ways. However, each investment opportunity presents unique requirements and challenges for investors. Bitcoin trading is among the easiest ways to invest in crypto because it is less demanding in terms of capital and skill. Crypto trading works almost like traditional stock markets. However, bitcoin traders buy … Read more

Discover 4 automatic bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading software

There are more and more of them on the net due to the number of new traders which is constantly increasing in recent years. However, to make it a better choice, it is really important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the most known on the market. In the rest of this post, you … Read more

Should cryptocurrency be the future of trading?

They think about new technologies and adopt new innovative and technical ways of making money. In this technical and modernized world, where the software has profoundly changed the way of life, the modes of earnings are not to be outdone in this technical world. The decentralized market under the robotic system has introduced a useful … Read more

What training to learn trading and the stock market?

Trading: why do you (really) need training? Trading is not an “easy and quick” way to get rich, contrary to what some would have you believe. In order not to lose your money, to obtain really interesting results (which are never completely guaranteed), it is essential to understand certain fundamental mechanisms. For instance : – … Read more

Elon Musk could cut 10% of Tesla staff over ‘super bad feeling’

While Elon Musk recently threatened to fire Tesla employees who telecommute too much, the richest man in the world seems ready to really fire Tesla employees. But for a completely different reason this time: the CEO of Space X and Tesla fears an upcoming recession in the United States. Elon Musk is therefore ready to … Read more

Vietnam and Australia Strengthen Partnership in Technology and Trade | Science

Hanoi, June 16 (VNA) — Vietnamese and Australian companies explored partnership opportunities in technology and trade at a forum jointly hosted on June 16 in Ho Chi Minh City by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Saigon Innovation Hub, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). … Read more

The startup TOP, at the origin of a predictive technology allowing to limit turnover in companies, raises 1.2 M€

As part of a real trend aimed at retaining employees and retaining talent, TOP technology responds to current HR and managerial issues. TOP creates, so to speak, the “augmented manager”. The “augmented manager” according to TOP While the HRDs are increasingly challenged on the loyalty and retention of talent, TOP creates the “augmented manager”. New … Read more

The National Technological Innovation Program promotes innovation in companies | Science

Photo: VNA Hanoi (VNA) – Implementing the National Technology Innovation Program by 2030, the Ministry of Science and Technology has promoted its support to enterprises in technology transfer and innovation to create high quality and high added value. The Ministry has also accelerated the transfer of technologies for agricultural production in rural, mountainous or remote … Read more

Foreign investment continues to flow into high-tech electronics | Economy

Hanoi (VNA) – In recent times, investment projects in the manufacture of high-tech electronic products have accelerated in Vietnam, according to the Foreign Investment Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Photo: Baodautu Many projects have announced fundraising: Samsung Electro-mechanics Vietnam, in Thai Nguyên province, increased by 920 million dollars, factories of electronics, network … Read more

Dastra raises €1M to strengthen its technology and accelerate its European deployment

In a market whose overall annual growth is estimated at 46% per year, this operation will allow Dastra to continue developing its technology to facilitate the daily life of Data Protection Officers (DPO). The funds raised will also enable Dastra to accelerate its development in France and Europe, while the start-up already has customers in … Read more