Swimming pool insurance so that everything is swimming: at what cost?

Since the covid crisis which has increased interest in outdoor spaces, the Belgian devotes an ever-increasing budget to his garden, whether to furnish it (plants, trees, decoration) or to have a good time (furniture, accessories). The multiplication of heatwaves and hot episodes has also convinced many Belgians toinstall a swimming pool. From 2,000 new swimming pools in 2015, we have increased to more than 6,000 in 2021. If demand has fallen this year, due to the energy crisis, the craze should not fall.

At the same time, recent experience has unfortunately taught us that the country is more and more often hit by severe weather (storms, flooding, drought) which present risks for these often costly facilities and equipment. Having insurance can therefore be very useful.

The “Pool Pack”: complete coverage

AG Insurance has adapted its “Pool Pack” and “Garden Pack” to this new situation, which are offered in addition to home insurance. These products provide extended coverage and higher compensation limits in the event of a claim. “The penetration rate of these packs (number of times they are taken out at the same time as home insurance) has respectively doubled and tripled in six years”, observes Isabelle Paque, development manager of the home product. And given the high loss experience in recent times, these insurances have often been requested.



The average cost of a pool claim is 4,000 euros, but the bill can reach 11,000 euros if damage is caused by an animal.

To give an idea, the average cost of a garden disaster is of 2,500 euro. For a swimming poolhe’s from 4,000 euro on average, but it can go well beyond that. “This could, for example, reach 11,000 euros if an animal falls into the swimming pool and tears the liner while trying to get out. Damage caused by animals is relatively frequent”, underlines Isabelle Paque.

the “Pool package”available for 14 euros per month, includes an “’all-risks’ policy which covers the various elements: shutter, glazed cover, covering (liners), technical equipment in a closed room (filtering system, pump), and now also heat pumps. The rest of the pool is covered in a natural disaster”, explains Isabelle Paque.

The “Pool Pack” includes outdoor content and cleaning equipment”.

Isabel Paque

Residential product development manager

The swimming pool “Pack” includes outdoor content: the furniture (umbrellas and others) and the cleaning equipment are covered against storm, natural disasters and theft.

Accident cover (also for guests)

Finally, and this is not negligible when the children’s friends are invited to a pool day or you organize a party with friends: the accident cover applies to the insured and their guests. It will intervene to cover medical expenses, permanent disability or death. Psychological assistance may be offered, depending on the circumstances…

Note again that the “Garden Package”which now includes the covering of green walls and green roofs, is proposed to 4 euros per month.

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