State Trading Corporation: “No increase in the price of household gas”

“It is not in the plan of the State Trading Corporation (STC) to increase the price of household gas,” says an authoritative source. The STC thus comes to silence the rumors around a rise in the price of household gas.

Indeed, for the past few days, many people have reported an increase, which has not been without consequences. Several consumers have complained about a lack of household gas cylinders at service stations and shops, more specifically those that are blue in color. “Monn fer letour trwa filling ek enn laboutik iyer [NDLR : mardi], okenn plas pena,” said a resident of a suburb of the capital. Ditto for a mother who had been desperately looking for a bottle since Sunday. “The carboy I use for cooking is empty. I replaced it with the one I use for the bathroom. Since then, I have to boil the water so that the children can take a shower. This will certainly weigh on my next electricity bill, ”she apprehends.

Vivo Energy, which represents Shell in Mauritius, is reassuring. “There is no problem, either in terms of production or distribution,” said an authorized source on Tuesday. This “shortage” of household gas from certain retailers had been attributed to a probable increase in demand favored by the winter climate. As of yesterday, Vivo Energy had made arrangements to increase its deliveries in order to be able to meet this growing demand. A press release from Vivo Energy was expected in this regard.


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