Solar panels: A world-renowned Algerian technology?

“Remarkable achievement! A team of Algerian scientists from Djillali Liabès University in Sidi Bel Abbes has succeeded in developing a revolutionary invention. It is a technology for cleaning solar panels that enables unprecedented efficiency and energy saving. This innovation will be the subject of a international patent. This is reported by the site, citing a Facebook post from the laboratory Plasma Applications, Electrostatics and Electromagnetic Compatibility (APELEC).

The team consists of a quartet of inventors/inventors namely: Amar TILMATINE, Nezha KADOUS, Khelifa YANALLAH and Yassine BELLEBNA. They work within the Laboratory of Plasma Applications, Electrostatics and Electromagnetic Compatibility (APELEC) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Algeria.

In fact, on November 23, 2022, said the laboratory would have announced on its official Facebook page filing of patent at the Algerian National Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI) with international expansion (PCT filing at World Intellectual Property Organization level [OMPI]). The invention is entitled “Device for self-cleaning and cooling of solar panels with electric wind”.

The advantages of the Algerian self-cleaning device for solar panels

“Maintenance of solar panels is often a problem because contact of the surface with water or cleaning agents reduces their efficiency. In addition, the current ‘wind blast’ technology requires large power generators and therefore consumes a lot of energy. In contrast, Algeria’s invention of self-cleaning and electric wind cooling needs no generator and runs on what is equivalent to the power of an LED lamp, adds

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