Smoke, drink and kiss in VR with this haptic technology

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group have developed haptic technology for smoking, drinking and kissing in VR. It also offers other even more interesting possibilities, which gives access to experiments of virtual reality more realistic.

The haptic technology of researchers from the Future Interfaces Group uses ultrasonic transducers. They make it possible to simulate the sense of touch realistically on the mouth. These famous transducers can therefore be used to simulate different sensations of the real world. To do this, the acoustic energy must be focused on the mouth of any user.

This is done using many small speakers installed below a VR headset, which emit waves. These are therefore concentrated on various precise points of the mouth, which creates a certain vibration effect. It is then that which activates the sensation of touch.

Haptic technology offering many possibilities in VR

In order to present the possibilities offered by their new haptic technology in VR, researchers from the Future Interfaces Group have published a video. With this innovation, they can apparently reproduce everything. In addition to allowing smoking, drinking coffee and kissing in virtual reality, it gives the opportunity to feel other special sensations.

It allows, among other things, to feel the legs of a spider walking on its mouth, being splashed with water, etc. The technology even offers the possibility of brush your teeth in VR. In other words, it does not only concern the outer part of the mouth, but also the teeth.

Note that in the video published by researchers from the Future Interfaces Group, the technology is used with a VR Meta headset Quest 2. However, according to the team, it is compatible with any other VR device. Anyway, at the moment it is only a prototype. The researchers don’t yet have any plans for a possible commercial release.

It remains to be seen whether this famous technology will be accessible to the general public in the future. Either way, she could be very interesting in many areas, such as metaverse.

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