She contracts an STD after an intimate relationship in a car, the car insurance condemned to pay her a colossal sum

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Last February, a young woman from Missouri contracted the papillomavirus (sexually transmitted disease) following intimate intercourse in a car insured by Geico.

While this may seem far from the insurer’s jurisdiction on paper, the lawyer and his plaintiff did a good job of persuading the Missouri Court of Appeals. Indeed, according to them:

The lesson here is that people need to broaden the scope of what an injury is… Most don’t think getting this disease is an injury sustained in a vehicle and yet it is.

Another significant fact, the reports took place in the personal vehicle of the man already suffering from this disease. But that’s not all since the latter was indeed aware of his condition and did not choose to inform his partner.

All this information put together therefore contributed to the victory of the plaintiff in this improbable legal battle. Result, the company Geico is now obliged to pay 5.2 million dollars in compensation to the victim.

A small revolution?

Could this story have consequences for future cases of this kind? Not impossible. Indeed, the case law in this type of case has now changed and the perception of this kind of “injury” as well.

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