Russia may consider a pre-emptive nuclear strike to disarm an enemy, says Vladimir Putin

Macron’s remarks about security guarantees to be given to Russia taken out of context, according to the Elysée

Emmanuel Macron’s latest remarks regarding “security guarantees” to give to Russia was “isolated” of their “context”assured the Elysée on Friday, before a new conference, on Tuesday in Paris, about assistance to Ukraine.

“The dialogue between the President of the Republic and President Zelensky is excellent”secured the French presidency. “There is a discrepancy between certain movements or certain people who seek to isolate a piece of a sentence outside of its context, and the reality of the work we do, which is really done effortlessly. »

In early December, when discussing the security to be rebuilt in Europe once the war in Ukraine was over, the French President had assessed that when the time came it would be necessary to give “guarantees” to Russia to find a good balance. France insists on the need for Europeans to be at the negotiating table when new arms control agreements are negotiated.

“One of the essential points is the fear that NATO will come to its doors, it is the deployment of weapons that can threaten Russia.”, Mr Macron explained, recalling the recurring claims from Russia. Some Ukrainian figures and officials from Eastern Europe had expressed some annoyance, even outright opposition, to these remarks.

French head of state “only describes what the Ukrainians themselves want”Elysée explained. “The Ukrainians themselves are of course the first to want to get out of this war, and ultimately, at the end of the war, there is negotiation.”.

A conference “for resilience and reconstruction of Ukraine” will be held on Tuesday in Paris, intended for “explain Ukraine’s need to ensure its economic resilience in times of war and its reconstruction in the medium term, as well as to promote the mobilization of French economic actors in these two essential issues”according to the conditions of the Ministry of Economy. “We talk to each other every day, sometimes several times a day to prepare for this conference. There are no difficulties”we insisted on the Elysée.

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