Royan artist Jben will freeze his ephemeral works for eternity thanks to new technologies

His monumental and ephemeral works, drawn on the sand of the beaches of Royan, have made him known throughout the world. Accustomed to seeing his frescoes disappear in a few hours, at the whim of the marshes, the artist Jben is about to make a big difference by freezing his creations for eternity via the blockchain and NFTs non-fungible token, or non-fungible token). Behind this term hide digital technologies that make it possible to store and secure dematerialized files while certifying them as a title deed.

Jben has decided to rely on these tools still unknown to the general public to auction fifteen shots of his most emblematic works photographed with his drone. This sales format is unprecedented for an artist from Charente-Maritime: each digital image will be delivered with an NFT certificate authenticating its existence and its uniqueness for eternity.

“Some may be the subject of speculation if my international fame were to take off!”

“It’s like placing the Mona Lisa and its perfect copy side by side. Without a real expert, no one could identify the real one. Technology makes it possible to certify a digital work,” explains this adept of beach art who has been interested in this universe for several years now.

“It is part of my daily life, especially through cryptocurrencies. When the Boischaut auction house offered me this format, I didn’t hesitate,” assures Jben, who selected his images himself. “Those that are close to my heart and have marked my artistic career. Who knows, some may be the subject of speculation if my international fame were to take off, ”smiles the Royannais.

These digital works made unique will be accompanied by a paper print “for the wink”, he specifies. Asking price: 200 euros, during an auction organized between June 23 and 30, 2022. Jben is convinced: “The NFTs and the blockchain will soon go beyond the sole domain of art for uses that we do not yet suspect. These technologies could in particular secure concert tickets and avoid problems like those experienced recently at the Stade de France.

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