Roblox’s new trading feature makes it easier to trade items

Roblox trading has gotten easier with a new feature that allows users to trade directly with other people from the item’s dealer list. While the sandbox game has long offered players the ability to use Robux to purchase an item from a retailer on the retailer list, the interface now includes an option to trade directly with a user. The feature, currently rolling out in beta, simplifies a process that previously required navigating to the person’s profile and initiating the exchange.

Clicking the trade button opens a trade window and automatically adds the item to the trade, like Roblox trade fan site Rolimon’s shared on Twitter. The tool appears to recognize if the user initiating the trade has the ability to trade with a specific user. For example, if a Roblox user asks the person initiating the trade to follow them, that person will still need to follow them to facilitate the trade. Some merchants enable this setting as a measure against bots spamming Roblox merchants.

Previously, trading was a more complicated process. The list of resellers only lists items for purchase, so someone wishing to initiate a trade should go to the user’s profile and initiate the trade that way.

Unfortunately, the platform still requires a Roblox Premium membership to participate in trading, so non-members won’t be able to take advantage of the new feature.

It’s just the latest effort that shows Roblox is growing more and more interested in its trading community. For some Robloxians, trading is a huge draw. While popular games like Adopt Me! and Pet Simulator X thrive on in-game trading mechanics, many people use Roblox to buy, sell, and trade avatar items.

Trading on the platform is becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for limited run, or “limited” items. These items have finite copies and will no longer be available on the platform once a certain number sells out or after a certain period of time. Therefore, players who want specific items but missed an initial sale must either trade with other users or spend Robux to buy them from users who already own them. Lately, Roblox seems to be increasing the number of limited items in its arsenal, like a recent line of 8 bit items and one layered garment of a NARS brand activation.

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