Revenues + trading, the 30 clubs that earn the most money in football

July 16, 2022 at 8:20 PM by Thomas

Real Madrid generates a lot of income and in addition it sells well in the transfer window.

It’s a different reading income generated by the richest clubs in international footballbecause it includes, in the classic operational turnover, profits from operations on the transfer market. It is given to us by the analysis and data platform, Off The Pitch and it changes certain orders, at the highest in particular.

With trading, Real Madrid generated more revenue than City

Because in 2021, for the season taken as reference, Manchester City outstripped Real Madrid (€644.9 million against €640.7 million), when TV rights, sponsorship/merchandising and Ticketing. But the recent European champion has earned more from trading proceeds, which is why on the total income for the season he is ahead of Guardiola’s club.

PSG, the only ranked club, OL is not far from the top 30

Otherwise, there is only the only PSG ranked in the top 30, for the French team, with revenues of 565.1 million euros, but little revenue from the transfer of players, over this financial year. Olympique Lyonnais is not far from the rankings, it won 177.9 million euros, transfer window included, on the same balance sheet for the 2021 season.

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