Questions to. “Hail risk is covered in the majority of insurance contracts”

After last night’s storm, you must be a very busy insurer, right?

“It’s sure… Since Monday morning, we have already opened more than a hundred files. I think we are still a notch above what we experienced in 2019, during the last comparable episode in the department. »

What advice do you give to people who have suffered hail damage?

“Already, don’t panic. Then you have to report the accident. By phone, email or directly online on the insurer’s website, there are several ways to do so. People have five days to do so. The important thing is to open the file, so it can be a simple information. But the ideal is to attach photos of the damage to this declaration. »

Will the victims have to wait for a possible natural disaster procedure to be compensated?

“No, not for hail, because the risk is included in the majority of insurance contracts. For housing, damage is covered by the storm, snow and hail guarantee. And for car insurance, they are already covered in certain extended third-party contracts, in particular for theft and fire risk. »

As you said, the files are numerous. Will it take a long time for repairs?

“For everything related to buildings, repairs can be done without delay, such as replacing damaged tiles or skylights. Up to a certain threshold, the general agent can validate a file without the passage of an expert. It’s the same for windshield changes. It’s more complicated for the bodywork. We are going to organize expertise in the chain to advance the files, but the problem is then to have an appointment. In 2019, some files took 18 months to be completed. You have to be patient, but a dented roof does not prevent you from rolling. »

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