Put technology to support your customer service (and not the other way around)

It’s easy to get caught up in “too much” technology. They bloom quickly, and then engages an endless race. However, these tools and channels must above all serve your customers and advisors. So before committing, arbitrate!

The French spend 21 hours per month in front of TikTok, an increase of 22% between January 2021 and January 2022, the strongest growth recorded among all social networks*… Figures that make your head spin. Should we rush headlong into the breach of the Chinese mobile app? Not so sure !

In terms of technologies, whether for advisors or end consumers (and sometimes the two come together), developments are rapid and constant. But before fully committing to a tool or technology, arbitration is necessary.

The addition of a new technology or an additional digital channel, for example, must be the subject of an internal audit, with the sole objective of answering this question: does it improve the advisor-client relationship? and/or user experience? Some answers are obvious, and others will require conducting a survey of those concerned, by means of a questionnaire or feedback from customers and/or employees, which makes it possible to measure the impact – positive or negative – of technology: gain/loss of time, ease of access, intuitiveness, etc.

In the case of BtoC companies, and to a lesser extent those of BtoB, it is often relevant to invest where the customer is. This is the winning strategy adopted by the French video-on-demand platform Salto, which has integrated Facebook and Twitter messengers into its contact channels because its customers called on it.

=> 76% of large companies were considering opening a new channel customer contact in 2021

=> Whatsapp support jumped from 300% during the pandemic

=> 50% teams are working fully remote

Test and know how to (re)change

Once these elements of response have been provided, and in the event of positive signals, this does not dispense with proceeding in stages. This is the case of Nature & Découvertes, which is testing the use of WhatsApp as an additional contact channel with a sample of its customers. The brand is waiting to obtain convincing results and customer feedback before extending the system to its entire catchment area.

Even when a company decides to make the decision to invest in a tool or technology, it is always possible to backtrack if the results or returns are not there. What Twitter did. While the social network had imposed the implementation of an algorithm to display the thread of tweets in order of relevance, and no longer in chronological order, the dissatisfaction of users made it reconsider this technological development.

It must be admitted that sometimes technology does not bring anything, and is not always effective when it comes to replacing humans. The Walmart distribution chain experienced this situation, having integrated, then abandoned the use of robots for restocking on its shelves. Thinking in this way to avoid customers finding themselves in front of broken shelves, she realized that the robot did not surpass the human!

Thus, giving oneself the latitude to carry out tests over several months, or even to reconsider one’s choice, guarantees that the technologies integrated into the customer’s service are those that really bring satisfaction.

*Source: Study Digital 2022We Are Social / Hootsuite

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