Private jet: billionaires are tired of being tracked, Elon Musk seeks to negotiate

News hardware Private jet: billionaires are tired of being tracked, Elon Musk seeks to negotiate

After years and the last few weeks where the media has been repeating an ecological message to us, it absolutely had to happen. Internet users have managed to track the private jet flights of various celebrities and billionaires, in order to denounce their ecological impacts.

Flight tracking is not a favorite among billionaires…

With water shortages and numerous fires breaking out all over the world, Internet users had to mobilize to denounce dangerous behavior on the part of the ultra-rich.

From Nancy Pelosi, to Bernard Arnault via the very famous Elon Musk, Internet users had fun posting the different journeys of billionaires on board their private jets on social networks.

In France, we were treated to the I Fly Bernard account which tracks the journeys of billionaire Bernard Arnault live, director of the LVMH group. With this monitoring, Internet users have managed to detect the carbon footprint of the billionaire. During the last month, Bernard Arnault would have consumed 520 tons of CO2 emissions, in 123 flight hours, the equivalent of an average Frenchman for 52 years.

According to OXFAM, 63 French billionaires emit as much greenhouse gas as 50% of the French population. This report by OXFAM and Greenpeace published on February 23, 2022 sounds the alarm, and bills are being brought by certain political parties to tax and punish these billionaires, who obviously don’t care about the future of humanity. .

Internet users also denounce routes considered abusive, such as 20-minute flights. This is the case of the famous Kylie Jenner who was denounced for having used her private jet for a journey of only 17 minutes.

Across the Atlantic, it was the American Dan Streufert who created the ADS-B Exchange site, allowing all flights to be tracked, even private ones. No law requires this developer to close his site, and he plays with that to denounce these billionaires and celebrities, everything is perfectly legal.

Elon Musk tries to negotiate with stalkers

Obviously, this greatly irritates these celebrities and billionaires who denounce a disclosure of their private life. Indeed, everyone can be aware of these ecological aberrations, especially at a time when a lot of media and politicians are trying to take ecological measures, but only on an individual scale and to social classes much poorer than these celebrities .

Elon Musk then reacted to the stalking of his private jet by developer Jack Sweeny. The richest man in the world feels, according to him, spied on, to the point of offering the small sum of $5,000 to Sweeny to stop his activities.

A sum that the young 19-year-old developer refused because it goes against his principles, but also the ecological values ​​he carries.

For the moment, no law prohibiting flight tracking has been pronounced, either in France or in the United States.

These acts of tracking continue to be regularly updated on social networks, and Internet users expect concrete measures in terms of ecology, but also sanctions for the ultra-rich.

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