PrimeXBT users can now trade traditional markets for free

In an uncertain cryptoeconomic context, all good news is welcome! Here’s one that worries PrimeXBT and not least since the famous exchange has decided to remove all fees for trading traditional markets from September 12 to 23, 2022, thus allowing all its users to trade commodities, stock indices and Forex without having to pay fees .

PrimeXBT is one of the few platforms that allows trading on different markets

It will not have escaped anyone that we are currently in a long crypto winter, the end of which no one can accurately predict. It therefore seems logical and even sensible to fully play the card of diversifying your portfolio. PrimeXBT’s offer to completely freeze fees on trading traditional markets is therefore timely in this context of crisis. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a popular saying that takes on its full meaning today.

It is noted that many traders tend to focus on the cryptocurrency market, sometimes neglecting the traditional markets. However, these can be crucial in creating a profitable portfolio. One of the arguments for trading in several markets (crypto and traditional) is that you can diversify the global risks. Indeed, the last few years have shown us that most cryptocurrencies are largely moving in the same direction. When the Bitcoin price is down, all markets are down. When the market is bullish, Bitcoin and major altcoins are also bullish. By trading other assets like stock indices, Forex, commodities, you will face new opportunities and many more opportunities to profit in the market.

PrimeXBT has decided to remove all fees on trading traditional markets from 12th to 23rd September 2022

Very often it is necessary to switch from one platform to another to trade in different markets. This is not the case here as you can do everything on the PrimeXBT site. It saves time and, above all, is much more convenient for traders.

PrimeXBT is one of the few platforms that allows trading in various markets such as metals (gold, silver), stock indices, Forex, oil, the SP500 stock index, etc. It should also be noted that it is possible to use leverage on PrimeXBT without having to sell your favorite cryptos to gain access to a wide range of trading assets. We can actually use Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, USDT but also other cryptocurrencies as margin guarantees to work in multiple markets.

If you are new to commodity trading and Forex, this is the perfect opportunity to get started! Even if it means trying for a day, you might as well take the plunge on a site that completely eliminates trading fees. And if you are a beginner, we can only encourage you to consult the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, we tell you more in this article. Start trading now at PrimeXBT.

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Disclaimer: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money you can afford to lose.

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