Pravind Jugnauth admits that the Statens Handelsselskab’s price stabilization account is in deficit

GM can’t lower fuel prices. This aspect of the Prime Minister’s statement, delivered on Monday in Chamarel, went somewhat unnoticed.

Regarding the drop in fuel prices, he blah blah about Nishal Joyram’s action. Then Pravind Jugnauth declared, and that was what needed to be heard, that the Statens Handelsselskab’s price stabilization account is in deficit. This is what Rajiv Servansingh, CEO of the State Trading Corporation, has said so far to justify that lower fuel prices are not on the agenda.

If we decode the Prime Minister’s sentence, it is that even if the government wanted to, it is unable to lower fuel prices. “The STC box is empty”, declared Rajiv Servansingh, who, and it is rare that a political candidate had been formal, that prices would not fall. This was long before Nishal Joyram’s hunger strike. So it should come as no surprise that the government is turning a deaf ear to the request of all motorists and NIshal Joyram. He cannot lower the price. The manna that falls from the sky, or rather from the pockets of motorists, is essential for that. Now Pravind Jugnauth will comment on the issue as he wants. He will explain that he cannot give in to the whims of every potential hunger striker. The fact is that he is tied hand and foot.


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