Philippe Piat (UNFP co-president): “Trading is taking players. They take as many players as possible, telling themselves that if there is one who is not good, I will find an asshole who will buy me out my player”

Source UNFP

In The Big Mouths of Sport on RMC, Philippe Piatco-chair of theUNFPspoke about the management of contracts and salaries between clubs and players and then gave a possible solution.

“A player, when a club goes to get him, they want him to sign a contract for the duration they want, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years… To get it, they offer him a salary, we don’t put him not a gun to the head to the President to accept the amount of the salary otherwise he does not take it. If he takes it, it is for a fixed term with a possibly substantial salary. During this contract the club wants to recruit other players, they believe that the team must be changed, sometimes a new coach arrives and says ‘you, you and you I don’t want you, I won’t play you anymore’, while they are under contract. How is it possible to say that? And yet that’s what he does. What is the reason for this? The reason is that the clubs want to trade, trading is taking players. They take as many players as possible, saying to themselves that if there is one who is not good, I will find some asshole who will buy my player out, that’s what happens. Conversely, when a player is good and he comes to the end of his contract (he evokes a player from the PSG), What is happening ? The loft is not only for players who play badly or who do not want to do their best, it is also for players who we want to part with to send them to Turkey or I don’t know where because we don’t want him anymore. Today we say this player, if he does not leave, the club will go bankrupt. We put the responsibility for a lot of things on his back, on top of that we ‘threaten’ him, we tell him that if he doesn’t lower his salary, we will put constraints on him when the salary he has, why is it high? It is necessary to know it because it is the beginning of the business. When a player does not want to resign, it is still his right. He arrives at the end of his contract he can say that he does not want to extend. What is happening ? We will tell him ‘If you ever do not extend you will be threatened with a certain number of things’ or ‘We will double your salary’. The player thinks about leaving so we triple his salary. Why are we tripling his salary? We triple his salary so that he renews his contract, so that he resigns. Because at the end of his contract he is free to go where he wants. If he is not at the end of his contract and we have just renewed him by giving him a very high salary, it is to sell him the following year. This means that the club is inflating wages, not because the player is very good, it is inflating wages to be able to sell him. The solution should be that in these conditions, the player plays badly, he does not play badly, his contract has been extended, his contract has been increased, he needs a ‘by out close’. That is to say, when a club no longer wants a player, it calculates by saying ‘You have 24 months left to do at 10,000 euros, 50,000 euros… that’s so much, I give you and you bars’. Or the player says he doesn’t like this club anymore because the coach doesn’t like me, doesn’t make me play. He owes the club 24 months, multiplied by so much, he owes so much and the problem is solved. ยป

Transcription Girondins4Ever

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