People’s Turf PLC: Jockeys threaten to shun races due to lack of insurance cover

The problems continue at the Champ-de-Mars. Mauritian jockeys have issued a new warning.

They are threatening not to ride again for People’s Turf PLC due to lack of insurance policy cover.

This is the second time that Mauritian jockeys have brandished the threat of shunning the horse days organized by the People’s Turf PLC, for lack of coverage by an insurance policy.

The first threat dates back to the end of May/beginning of June, just before the inaugural day of June 5.

But the management of People’s Turf PLC was able to solve the problem by obtaining cover from SICOM.

This morning, the Mauritian jockeys raised a new threat and according to the management of People’s Turf PLC, the problem will be solved by tomorrow.

Mauritian jockeys will be asked to sign the paperwork for their insurance cover by tomorrow.

It should also be noted that Dinesh Sooful resigned as President of the Mauritius Jockeys Association today for personal reasons.

PTP says it has taken all necessary steps since last week to ensure the timely payment of stake money to the twelve teams that participated in the opening day.

People’s Turf also issued a press release today to deny reports that some teams have yet to receive their Stakes Money.


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