Paraswap wallet: NFT trading on mobile is finally possible

Tested in Beta version since June 2022, the mobile application Paraswap has just arrived on iOS in its general public version. This is a small revolution, because this wallet is the first in the sector to offer crosschain and peer-to-peer NFT trading. Thus, ParaSwap Wallet allows you to display your NFTs on any network. It also allows you to buy or sell them directly in P2P in the cryptocurrency of your choice. A choice independent of the expectations of your interlocutor.

Originally, Paraswap is a DeFi and DEX aggregator launched in September 2019. Its primary purpose is therefore to enable the trading of cryptocurrencies by finding the best quotes for you. A performance achieved by comparing more than 100 decentralized exchanges spread over many networks. We can cite here Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom or Avalanche. A function perfectly fulfilled by Paraswap which thus rises among the actors essentials of the ecosystem.

Paraswap announces the release of its mobile NFT wallet

Quickly, the platform was able to embark on the buoyant field of NFTs. It now offers a solution perfectly in line with the expectations of collectors. Within this wallet, you can view, store and manage your favorite non-fungible tokens while maintaining control. In effect, ParaSwap Wallet is a “non-custodial” wallet, meaning that your crypto assets are not physically present on the app.

Without a doubt, the team was able to take advantage of the 3 million dollars raised during its last fundraising in 2021. Thanks to its new technological offer, its support for numerous networks and cryptos, its mobile dimension assumed, its NFT orientation, one can imagine that Paraswap quickly rose to the rank of main competitor for the Opensea platform, which is regularly in difficulty in terms of security and transactions.

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