Bitcoin March 29, 2022 – What Now?

Last Resistance – The markets are currently avoiding a sharp correction in the price of bitcoin (BTC). What must be the next moves of the bulls to defend the gains of the past few days? The daily course of bitcoin (BTC) is brought to you in collaboration with the Included betweenDing du Coin and its … Read more

a network technology of the future?

Is the SASE concept the key to unlocking the networks of the future while making them more secure? As the cornerstones of the functioning of any company, networks must engender the confidence of all employees, in particular those responsible for IT services and general management. Everyone in the company must be able to count on … Read more

Practice Insurance. Insuring a car without a license: mandatory… and not given

Like any motor vehicle, the car without a license (VSP or cart) is subject to an insurance obligation. You will therefore find the three types of known insurance: third party, extended third party and all risks. Third-party insurance being the legal minimum (civil liability); like all insurance, you can take out additional options designed to … Read more

[Trading Cards] Topps – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Topps noticed that The Mandalorians are on a roll right now.So it makes sense that Topps offers a newssorry, to renew a series on The Mandalorian series.But beware, this series will be chrome with a gray tint like beskar, just to make it look cool. The basic set consists of 100 cards drawn from the … Read more

Americans in Russia risk arbitrary arrest, says Washington

Published on : 03/30/2022 – 06:54 US citizens in Russia risk being arbitrarily arrested by authorities, the State Department warned on Tuesday, which renewed its call not to travel to the country or to leave it immediately. Follow our live dedicated to the war in Ukraine. 6:30 am: risk of arbitrary arrest for Americans in … Read more