The CNP Assurance Foundation supports the solidarity projects of its employees

The CNP Assurance Foundation supports its employees – Photo credit: iStock Salah, in charge of managerial development and involved in the French Association of Vitiligo What does the French Vitiligo Association do? Salah is a member of the board of directors of the Association Française du Vitiligo, in which he has been actively involved since … Read more

Five technologies that will transform the future of humanity

Many technologies are already used on a daily basis. Nevertheless, these five technological advancements will profoundly transform society and humanity as a whole. artificial intelligence (IA) AI andmachine learning refers to the ability of electronic devices to learn and act intelligently, that is, to make decisions, perform tasks and even predict future outcomes based on … Read more

Ice Hockey: World Championships -: Austria (AUT) vs United States of America (USA) – The Americans jostle

Nissner surprises the USA:   Big pressure from the Americans in the first minutes who monopolize the puck. The first line immediately imposes a direct and offensive game. The Austrians know it: they will have to assume an intense “submission” for an hour. However, once Austria can get the puck, forward exposure is interesting with … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): its price does not matter

The price of Bitcoin has seen a drop recently. This proves that it is time to embrace a more mature culture to build, grow and adopt bitcoin. The fact that its price does not matter differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies. The price of bitcoin has recently fallen, but what matters over the long term is … Read more

United States: shooting in a California church, at least one dead and four seriously injured

A new drama, the day after the Buffalo shooting. Several casualties were reported after shootings at a church in Orange County, California, on Sunday afternoon. According to an initial report, one person died and four were seriously injured. An individual has been taken into custody in connection with the attack, California authorities said. The Orange … Read more

Abeille Assurances strengthens its general management

Abeille Assurances (formerly Aviva France) is changing its governance by appointing three deputy managing directors. Four months after his appointment as CEO ofBee Insurance (Aema group) Philippe-Michel Labrosse sets up a new organization by surrounding itself with three Deputy Chief Executive Officers. Helene Denis is appointed as […] Login to read more This article is … Read more