Owned by FTX, Japanese crypto trading platform Liquid has suspended payouts

Acquired in early 2022 by FTX, the Japanese crypto exchange Liquid has announced the suspension of fiat and crypto withdrawals on its platform.

Fiat and crypto withdrawals have been suspended on Liquid Global in accordance with the requirements of the voluntary Chapter 11 proceedings in the United States. We will provide updates as they become available.

After the implementation bankruptcy in FTXare the other companies in the group logically affected by the bankruptcy filing of one of the largest crypto trading platforms, which collapsed in a few days.

Liquid also recommends that its customers no longer make deposits on the platform pending further updates on the situation.

Hacked in August 2021, Liquid received a $120 million loan from FTX to overcome cryptocurrency theft that affected the Japanese platform’s finances, $80 million in bitcoin and altcoins were stolen by hackers.
This life-saving loan resulted in the acquisition of Liquid by FTX, which subsequently announced the launch of its subsidiary FTX Japan.

The suspension of withdrawals on Liquid Global illustrates the current debacle for the FTX group, which is gradually breaking up in the countries where it was present or in the launch phase.

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The crypto community now fears that a contagion phenomenon will emerge that could affect the financial balance of other crypto companies that were involved in the FTX ecosystem.

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