Our dedicated ALLIANZ class with the “Insurance Manager”

Each year, we are proud to support more than 1,500 work-study students in their insurance training project.

Thanks to our partnership with Allianz, we have decided to go further in our educational approach by opening a brand new class to follow on a work-study basis to become an insurance manager and train to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The content of the class is summarized here: ESA Class Brief

Registration is here: Registration form

What do we offer through this training?

Become an expert in the world of work-study insurance with the 1st global insurance brand.

If customer and market excellence, Integrity and trust, innovation and entrepreneurship mean something to you: This training is for you.

Through our expertise, we will support you in your professional and personal development.

Beyond the training program, Allianz will offer you workshops, business cases, conferences to become the manager of tomorrow.

Want to apply? Follow the steps:

After careful study of your file, we will come back to you to go through the selection process.

After studying your file, we will contact you to:

  • Take an online knowledge test
  • Take a motivational interview by videoconference

Now that the selection process is complete, we invite you to meet your future manager and/or work-study tutor during a face-to-face or videoconference interview.

This interview will be an opportunity to discuss in more detail your qualifications and your expectations regarding your work-study experience.

Did the feeling go well?

We are happy to welcome you to our new dedicated class which will start on September 05, 2022.

Your new “Allianz 2022” promotion will constitute your first professional network and your work-study position will be waiting for you for the start of the 2022 school year.

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