Orpea: Announcing a new management team

(CercleFinance.com) – Laurent Guillot, CEO of Orpea since July 1, has appointed the new Executive Committee, which will be responsible for transforming and managing the strategic plan to help rebuild the management group’s dependency burden.

This executive committee consists of the general management committee: Laurent Guillot, general manager, Pierre Krolak-Salmon, medical director, Fanny Barbier director of human resources, Laurent Lemaire, finance, IT and procurement director, Frédérique Raoult, communications director, Gery Robert-Ambroix, director of real estate.

The general directors for the countries and regions also sit: Erik Hamann (Germany), Anton Kellner (Eastern Europe, Central Europe), Thibaut Sartini (New countries), Geert Uytterschaut (Northern Europe), Yen Wang (Latin America), Asuncion Zaragoza (Spain-Portugal), Laurent Guillot takes over for France.

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