Oppo launches a start-up acceleration program to establish itself in e-health in Europe

On June 17, 2022, at the Vivatech trade show held in Paris, Oppo spoke about the deployment of its technologies for e-health and invited three start-ups from the sector to attend. ‘to accompany. The Chinese brand, fourth among smartphone brands, returned to its partnerships in Europe, particularly with major sports tournaments such as Wimbledon and Roland Garros.

European market

At the microphone, Yan Ren, director of Open Innovation Europe at Oppo, indicates that the company is working on the Old Continent in the fields of 5G, edge computing and augmented reality. Oppo also invests in R&D and has six research institutes around the world, where 25% of its 40,000 employees work. Currently, the company aims to respond to a new problem in Europe: the aging of the population.

“According to a study, only 12% of internet users in Europe are over 65”, explained Yan Ren. To change the game, Oppo offers an OS dedicated to this population with a simplified presentation mode, a screen sharing system to get help with use and improved colors for people with perception of these. The company plans to use the Munsell test to assess a person’s ability to discern colors and provide a suitable palette.

Augmented reality and wearables

Oppo also invests in augmented reality with its glasses “Oppo Air Glass ‘See the sound'”. Using speech-to-text technology, the company offers to display in writing the words of a person in front of you for better understanding during conversations. The technology also allows real-time translation, indicates the manager and could be useful for users with hearing problems.

In addition, the R&D teams are refining connected objects with functionalities intended for the elderly (allowing, among other things, sleep analysis.) An announcement on this subject should be made by the end of 2022.

Key European partners

On stage, Oppo also returned to its innovation accelerator program unveiled last May, and then gave the floor to three start-ups: Crunchfish, Owlytics and Leman Micro Devices.

Founded in Sweden, Crunchfish provides software for the analysis of “hand and body” movement, notably enabling interactions between physical gestures and devices as well as remote control. The company’s software is installed in more than 50 million Oppo devices, including smartphones, tablets, AR glasses and VR devices.

With Oppo we will continue to offer more immersive gesture interaction features.”, said Joakim Nydemark CEO and COO of Crunchfish. To meet Oppo’s commitments, the young shoot indicates that its technology could, in the future, be used in applications intended for sign language, for example.

For its part, Leman Micro Devices is a Swiss company that has set up a measurement solution for the main vital signs such as blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate, temperature, etc. The company is currently focusing on managing hypertension using smartphone software and a sensor in the form of a small box. From its partnership with Oppo, Leman Micro Devices hopes “improve our health monitoring technology and make our solutions more accessible to a wider audience”said Zhao Fang, vice president of business development.

Finally, for its part, Owlytics is a start-up that aspires to improve the lives of seniors and neurology patients (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) using a management solution, predictive analysis and real-time health data. For healthcare providers, Owlytics technology uses artificial intelligence to detect falls. By studying the behavior of the patient, the solution alerts the nursing staff in the event of abnormal behavior. The start-up also offers self-diagnosis solutions directly for patients.

an incubation program for e-health start-ups

In addition to these start-ups, Oppo invites other companies to join it through its Oppo Global Inspiration program to develop e-health solutions and make technology more accessible. Oppo will offer $46,000 to up to ten teams as well as other benefits such as promotion in the Asian market. The company is giving entrepreneurs and other start-ups wishing to register until the end of June.

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