No, Elon Musk is not going to buy Manchester United

Yannick Vely


All it took was one tweet to set the football world on fire. If shares of the Manchester United club would be on sale, billionaire Elon Musk just made a joke about its possible takeover.

With South African billionaire Elon Musk, the shortest jokes are often the best. He ignited the football world on Tuesday by announcing in a tweet that he was going to buy Manchester United, quite simply the most expensive club in the world and today in the midst of a sports crisis – the Red Devils are last in the Premier League and the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave. Never the last to create the buzz, Elon Musk then denied, but the tweet went so viral that it may have given ideas to other football-savvy billionaires…

We thus learn in Bloomberg that the English billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, owner of OGC Nice and rich as Croesus thanks to the fortune amassed by Ineos, giant of petrochemicals, would court the club. “If it’s for sale, Jim would be interested,” said a spokesman for the billionaire in the “Times”. What follows is a declaration of war on the club’s current American owners, the Glazers, hated by Red Devils fans.

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The spokesperson thus added that he intended to put his money to modernize Old Trafford and put everything back together (implied as before the arrival of the Glazers). The value of the club is estimated at 6 billion euros despite declining results for a decade. Malcolm Glazer, who died in 2014, acquired 75% of the club for less than a billion in 2005.

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