Musk announces “bad news” for the Cybertruck

Tesla has been preparing for the arrival of its Cybertruck for nearly 4 years, but the project is still changing, admits Elon Musk.

Announced on November 22, 2019, the Cybertruck is becoming a bad joke for all electric car enthusiasts who have been waiting for almost three years for the release of this ultra futuristic pickup truck. But as the wait time begins to be horribly long, Elon Musk himself adds a layer of bad news on the subject.

In his annual interview with his investors, the South African entrepreneur announced that the prices and specifications of the Cybertruck will ultimately not be the figures announced in 2019. For the moment Musk has not said much more about the progress of the things, but he assures that the project is still very active internally and that it will eventually see the light of day.

The project is changing

In his statement to investors, Musk places himself almost as a victim. The latter explains that the shortage of semiconductors as well as the pandemic have been enormous brakes on the development of the Cybertruck over the past 24 months. Musk also explains that the rampant inflation that is taking over today could further complicate Tesla’s task.

First announced for release in 2021 at a price of $39,900, the Cybertruck is today a far cry from this initial promise. The pickup has still not entered production and it should be in the next few months. Tesla could therefore be more than two years behind the announced dates, and offer a product 4 years after having presented it to its public.

If the angular pickup still seduces with its ultra-futuristic side, these incessant delays are worrying. Musk also wanted to reassure his investors, arguing that it will be a “damn nice machine”. Things are therefore at a standstill for the moment, because if Musk’s announcements are raining about this car of the future, the concrete achievements of these words are missing.

Three Cybertrucks for the price of one?

Indeed, the car is still not being assembled in the factories, and although several prototypes have been presented to the four corners of the world by the brand, the car is today more part of the world of dreams than of reality. Note that Tesla removed the Cybertruck’s prices and specifications from its website a few months ago, showing that things had changed since the announcement.

The latest Cybertruck rumors announce three different models for Tesla’s car. The first will be equipped with a single engine, with 400 kilometers of autonomy. The other two versions of this pick-up, more upscale, will have the right to two engines and a much greater autonomy (480 and 800 kilometers). Two versions rumored to sell for $50,000 and $70,000 respectively.

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