MoonPay: ultra-fast NFT mint finally possible with this service

Farewell, scalability problems? – The payment company MoonPay confirm again his love for NFTs. In fact, she recently launched a platform which partly solves the scalability problems in the sector.

HyperMint to create NFTs galore

MoonPay CEO, Ivan Soto-Wrightpresented, on June 21, 2022, the company’s new service called “HyperMint”. The latter allows MoonPay partners, such as Fox Corporation or Universal Pictures, to quickly issue a significant amount of NFT.

Thus, creators and brands can use this platform to mint up to 100 million NFTs at once. Moreover, they did not wait long to take advantage of this opportunity.

For example, the British luxury department store Selfridgesin collaboration with Paco Rabanne, has previously used HyperMint to issue non-fungible tokens tied to commodities or physical events.

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Better control of intellectual property

MoonPay also wants to highlight another benefit of using its new service. HyperMint would allow its users to quickly launch their NFT projects, without necessarily need a third-party developer.

Concretely, HyperMint users can issue, on their own platform, tokens associated with images, music, videos or other metadata.

In the words of Ivan Soto-Wright to The Block media, major brands like Dolce & Gabbana have no not so to list their intellectual properties “on a secondary platform” to mint an NFT.

Minting as service: MoonPay’s ambitions in web 3

MoonPay had recruited, in the first quarter of 2022, engineers for the creation of HyperMint. She then presented the platform as theAmazon Web Services for NFTs.

With the official launch of this service, the company has taken another step towards realizing its vision of becoming a Web 3 infrastructure company.

HyperMint now enriches the company’s web 3 offer. MoonPay indeed offers other services related to NFTs:

  • NFT Checkout which allows its users to purchase NFTs with credit and debit cards;
  • MoonPay Concierge dedicated to large wallets who want to buy particularly rare NFTs and cryptocurrencies more easily. This service is only accessible by referral.

Will all crypto businesses eventually dive into NFTs ? With the entry of renowned commercial enterprises into the sector, NFTs could quickly benefit from a greater legitimacy than Bitcoin (BTC) or the major altcoins.

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