Marie Ekeland, creator of the “2050” investment fund, defends technology at the service of a “sustainable transformation” of society

This figure of the digital sector defends long-term investments. She is participating in the VivaTech fair, currently in Paris.

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How to put the common good at the heart of the digital ecosystem? Eco guest of franceinfo, Marie Ekeland, founder of the “2050” investment fund and a figure in the sector, believes that we live “another transformation of the economy“: “We have experienced the digital transformation, today it is a sustainable transformation (…) Consumers are changing their habits and looking for products that do not harm the planet or society.

Can tech companies meet these challenges? Yes, according to the manager, who is currently taking part in the VivaTech show, in partnership with franceinfo: “For example, we need to know how we will all feed ourselves, and in a healthy way, by 2050. How can we do this without thinking about the agri-food transition from soil to plate? (…) All those who are not in the process of solving problems that society is facing, climatic, social, agricultural problems, etc., are going to be in much more difficulty than the others.

We use technology as part of the solution

Marie Ekeland, founder of 2050

on franceinfo

But are investors ready to support long-term projects? “Current financial products tend to be too short-term“, answers Marie Ekeland: “That’s why we did ‘2050’. If we want to succeed in thinking about the transition in the long term, we need other financial products“. The fund obtained its approval in 2021: “Today, we have about a hundred million under management“, explains its founder.

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