“Make more babies”: Elon Musk fears a collapse of civilization and launches a cry of alarm in favor of the birth rate

Elon Musk, founder of the companies SpaceX and Tesla, urges societies facing low birth rates to procreate more to deal with “the baby crisis”. In July, he already lamented a very low birth rate, which he considers “one of the greatest risks for civilization”.

Ten children and the desire to have more. This Monday, at an energy conference in Stavenger, in southwestern Norway, Elon Musk, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, called for an increase in the birth rate.

“Believe me, the baby crisis is a big deal,” he told reporters. The man is already the father of 10 children (including one who died in infancy) born to three different mothers. In November 2021, he again welcomed two twins with a leader of his startup Neuralink.

“Yes, make more babies”

According to the entrepreneur, this is a major risk for Western societies, in the face of ecological transition. Moreover, the richest man in the world says he is very committed to the subject: “It is one of my favorite concerns, perhaps less known”.

Elon Musk also cited the example of China to illustrate the decline in the birth rate, caused in particular by the aging of individuals. “At least make enough babies to maintain the population. We don’t want the population to fall so low that we end up disappearing,” he added.

“It is said that civilization could disappear with a boom or a moan. If we don’t have enough children, we will die in a moan wearing adult diapers,” he explains. Before concluding: “It will be depressing”.

After the death of Nevada, her first child, of sudden infant death syndrome. Elon Musk had twins and then triplets with novelist Justine Wilson. He then had two children with the singer Grimes, whose names had caused a reaction: X Æ A-Xii and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk.

This summer, on social networks, the richest man in the world assured “to do his best to help with this crisis of the underpopulation”. In an interview given to the American media Page Six, he said he wanted “as many children as [je] would like, as long as [je] I could spend time with them and be a good father”.

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