LIVE – Elon Musk would have started looking for a successor at the head of Twitter

Elon Musk woke up

Elon Musk’s little series of daily tweets and replies has just begun.

In particular, the billionaire responded to the “Twitter files”, which claim that Twitter would have been paid millions of dollars by the government to censor information to the public.

Elon Musk continued to assure that other social networks were in the same case. A user then asked him “if he committed that Twitter would no longer accept any payment from anyone, government or otherwise, to censor information”. Response from the Twitter boss: “Absolutely.”

Elon Musk on the way out?

According to CNBC, Elon Musk is currently actively looking for a replacement to take over as head of Twitter.

Would that explain his relative silence since the results of the vote asked him to leave his post?

Elon Musk’s private jet tracker is back… on Reddit

If you’re dying to know Elon Musk’s jet position again, head over to the Reddit social network!

A page entitled r/ElonJetTracker and created on December 14 has been one of the most consulted on the social network in recent days. “Subreddit” almost won 40,000 members in just two days. 212,000 members now follow the landings and takeoffs of the billionaire’s planes.

A Reddit page dedicated to Elon Musk’s private jet has been created and already has 212,000 members. © Screenshot / Reddit

This boom can be largely explained by the recent suspension of the Twitter account that tweeted every move of the private jet.

However, it is not known if this page was created by Jack Sweeney, the creator of the Twitter account.

Reporters Without Borders sounds the alarm

The non-governmental organization in defense of freedom of the press is concerned about the power that Elon Musk has taken on Twitter.

His many polls are particularly in the sights of RSF, which qualifies this process as “a cynical gadget, a fake referendum”.

“The polls published by Elon Musk are, above all, a way to bypass legitimate institutions. By tinkering with a doctrine of consulting the good people on Twitter with the help of a gadget and a Latin phrase, the boss gives even the fake air of a democrat,” the organization laments on its website.

Square profile pictures appear

One day, one change. In recent hours, Twitter users have seen a slight aesthetic change in the profile pictures of certain accounts.

The “Twitter Business” account indicated that this is a new feature related to Twitter Blue, but only for businesses. Brands will thus have square profile pictures to differentiate them from traditional users.

This news adds to the badges that already exist for companies and media, in blue or gold depending on their category.

Mastodon has gained more than 2 million users since Elon Musk joined Twitter

The alternative to Twitter, decentralized and open source, actually attracts the disillusioned social network to the blue bird.

In a post on the Mastodon site, its creator Eugen Rochko indicated that the social network had grown from 300,000 monthly active users to more than 2.5 million between October and November.

A bit of revenge for Mastodon, who was banned from Twitter for a few hours.

“This is a stark reminder that centralized platforms can set arbitrary and unfair limits on what you can and cannot say. At Mastodon, we believe there should be no middleman between you and your audience,” said Eugen Rochko.

Surveys soon reserved for paying users?

ATTENTION, new rule in anticipation! It seems that the vote that invited him to leave the office did not really please Elon Musk.

The head of Twitter did not directly respond to the results of the poll, but indicated in response to a user that he would change the rules for voting in a poll.

According to him, only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to vote on polls related to the social network’s policies. And also regarding the future of managers?

In the previous episode…

A new day dawns and surprise: Elon Musk is still at the helm of Twitter!

His poll about his possible departure as head of Twitter has generated enthusiasm. 57.5% of internet users wanted them to leave the social network.

To find all the Elon Muskiennes adventures yesterday, do not hesitate to consult our live.

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