Landslide: insurers do not cover this risk

The citizens of La Baie, affected by the landslide that occurred on Monday evening, will have to turn to the government if they want to be compensated, while no insurance covers landslides that occur during a natural disaster.

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“Unfortunately, it is the only or one of the only disasters that is excluded,” says Anne Morin, spokesperson for the Insurance Bureau of Canada (BAC).

She explains that most natural disasters are eligible for an insurance policy, “except the most complicated ones”, such as landslides and earthquakes.

“And [une police d’assurance] for earthquakes, it can be bought, but very few do it”, continues Mme Morin.

The BAC indicates that the government is monitoring areas at risk of landslides. Thorough assessments of certain cases can lead the government to encourage citizens to move, before the worst happens.

At the time of writing these lines, it was not possible to know if the victims of La Baie had been advised that it would be preferable to move, before the crack appeared last April.

continue to pay

Even if they knew that their insurers did not cover the hazards linked to landslides, citizens met Thursday morning on the sidelines of an information meeting with civil security were against the attitude of insurers.

Some insurance companies have insisted that victims continue to pay premiums even if they are evacuated for a period of at least two weeks.

The insurance companies are not there. The movements of the ground, it is not assured, period, they do not offer us anything more. And in some cases, they’re asking to continue with policy drawdowns, even if they don’t do anything. We must continue to pay according to the contract, ”laments Claude Gingras. “It’s a bit silly.”

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