Lack of license or insurance: what are the penalties?

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Increasingly common, lack of license and insurance are heavily punished by the legislation in force.

Lack of driving license is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros. Additional penalties are also provided, such as confiscation of the vehicle, community service, a ban on driving certain vehicles for a maximum of 5 years, or the obligation to pay for a road safety awareness course. Either way, the vehicle is immobilized. Under certain conditions, however, a fixed fine system can be implemented.

In the event that the license has been revoked, suspended or withheld, the maximum penalty is increased to two years in prison. And for holding a false license, the fine can climb to 75,000 euros and the prison sentence to 5 years.

The lack of insurance is also considered a traffic offence. However, there is no prison sentence. A fine of up to 3,750 euros is possible, although as for the lack of a permit, a fixed fine system can be put in place under certain conditions.

The additional penalties are the same as for the lack of a permit, to which must be added the risk of suspension of the permit for up to 3 years.
Finally, for these two offences, in the event of a road accident, the compensation to be paid can reach several tens or even several hundreds of thousands of euros.

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