Kurds killed in Paris, winter storm in the US, accident in Plélan-le-Petit: noon update – World

Kurds killed in Paris: the suspect admits a “pathological hatred of foreigners”

The 69-year-old man suspected of killing three Kurds and wounding three people in Paris on Friday admitted while in police custody that he felt a “hatred of foreigners that had become completely pathological”, this reported Sunday in a press release. Paris prosecutor Laure Beccuau. The man, whose custody was lifted on Saturday for health reasons and was taken to the psychiatric ward at police headquarters, described himself as “depressed” and “suicidal” and specified that he had “always wanted to kill migrants, foreigners”. since a burglary at his home in 2016, Laure Beccuau specifies. [Plus d’infos]

USA: A deadly winter storm brings a big chill over the Christmas weekend

A severe winter storm, accompanied by freezing temperatures, continues to disrupt the Christmas weekend in the United States, where it caused the cancellation of thousands of flights and caused the death of at least 17 people. The US National Weather Service (NWS) warned that the cold posed a fatal risk and urged Americans in affected areas to stay indoors. On Friday, the temperature fell due to the wind to -48°C, according to the same source. In hard-hit northeastern New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul deployed the National Guard to Erie County and Buffalo, the state capital, where officials said emergency services are nearly paralyzed. [Plus d’infos]

Buffalo, New York. (Jalen Wright/EPA)

A woman died after a serious traffic accident in Plélan-Le-Petit

A serious traffic accident took place on Saturday evening around 19:30 in the town of Plélan-Le-Petit, at the place called Le Moulin Neuf. A 60-year-old woman died after being hit by a vehicle while in the roadway. [Plus d’infos]

Kurds killed in Paris, winter storm in the US, accident in Plélan-le-Petit: midday update
(Quentin-Matheo Pihour)

Brazil: Pelé’s relatives at his hospital bedside

Relatives of Pelé met on Saturday, Christmas Eve, with the Brazilian soccer legend, whose health condition has recently deteriorated, according to their social media posts. Pelé, 82, who suffers from colon cancer discovered in September 2021, has been hospitalized in Sao Paulo since the end of November and his doctors had reported on Wednesday a “progression” of his cancer as well as an “insufficiency of kidney and heart. After midnight in Brazil, Kely Nascimento, one of Pele’s daughters, posted a photo on Instagram with the ex-footballer’s current wife, Marcia Aoki, and other family members at the Albert Einstein Hospital, where the ex-footballer is hospitalized, but without him. [Plus d’infos]

(FILES) In this March 9, 2014 file photo, Brazilian soccer legend Pele poses with the FIFA World Cup trophy during a press conference outside the Hotel de Ville in Paris.  The hospital's three
Pele. (Frank Fife Archive/AFP)

Ukraine: Pope condemns ‘senseless war’ and calls for ‘silence of arms’

Pope Francis this Sunday called for “silencing the guns” in Ukraine, in the grip of a “sensible war”, during his traditional Christmas message in Rome’s St Peter’s Square. “May the Lord prepare us for concrete movements of solidarity to help those who are suffering, and may He enlighten the minds of those who have the power to silence the weapons and put an immediate end to this senseless war!” said the Sovereign Pontiff. [Le direct]

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