Kryll goes 2.0: $100,000 airdrop to be won

With Kryll, it’s Christmas before time – How far has the French crypto-cluster reached since its launch in 2018. This platform, which allows you to create automated trading strategies, and its famous marketplace, smoothly navigate crypto market cycles and continue to innovate and improve. So to properly celebrate the latest updates, Kryll will offer $100,000 to its users!

Kryll gets a makeover for the benefit of his community

The very dynamic teams in the project have struck again. In fact, they have performed several updates to their community crypto trading platform. The first of these concerns the Market Square. It includes automated trading strategies offered by users who have known how to build profitable bots on various crypto markets.

This Marketplace V2, completely redesigned, allows members to find even easier most suitable trading strategies to their expectations and personal goals.

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In fact, the new search filters allow you to do just that easy to find strategies the most profitable, and at the same time have sharp performance indicators. This new marketplace also brings with it “packages”. Thus, the latter groups specific areas of the vast cryptosphere by theme. Find them all with a single click Challenge (decentralized economy), the NFT (non-fungible tokens), the Metaversethat Game,..

The marketplace evolves by offering precise and relevant filters

In-depth review of the strategy for creation and execution

The platform development teams also present Kryll Engine V2. This is a extensive remodeling of the heart of the project: its tool for creating/managing trading strategies. The goal is to provide ever more flexibility and control to Kryll users. That backtesting ยป, which allows retrospective testing of trading strategies, has also been improved. Kryll users will thus be able to evaluate each strategy over the time periods that interest them. And these backtests are always completely free.

Among the other news, let us first of all note a new improvement of user interface, completely redesigned, to be even clearer and more modern than before. Then the project’s mobile application, krill matehas also developed into a real one control interface trading strategies. Its new design, combined with completely reworked ergonomics, makes it possible to swap (to exchange) easily most of the tokens owned by users directly from their smartphone.

Kryll has enhanced the capabilities of its mobile interface to trade bitcoins and ethereums with your favorite automated strategies
The Sentinel bot interface has been redesigned to provide greater control from your mobile

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A $100,000 Airdrop to celebrate the news of this Kryll 2.0

And now, the icing on the cake: a generous one $100,000 airdrop in Kryll. To celebrate with dignity all these changes of this version 2.0 of Kryll. Its teams announce this gift to “thank the community for its loyalty and its involvement in the development of the platform since its launch in 2018”.

Kryll offers a generous gift to his community to celebrate its development.
$100,000 of KRL Tokens to Share!

To participate and share your $100,000 in KRL tokens, all you have to do is:

  • Throw at least a strategy visible from the Market Place between 11 and 30 October 2022;
  • Let these strategies run at least until snapshot which will take place on 30 November 2022.

After having celebrated his 4th birthday with great fanfare in February 2022, the Kryll platform will therefore continue pamper its community of crypto asset traders. Whether you are already part of this group of investors and trade mutual aid, or want to join, remember that you only have until Sunday, October 30 to launch a strategy and participate in this juicy Airdrop of $100,000.

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