KCGI trading competition on Bitget, will you become the world champion?

Crypto trading platforms regularly organize events to attract and retain users. Bitget is no exception to the rule and officially launches its third King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI). For this edition, put on your crampons and swimwear! The theme of the competition is closely linked to the football World Cup. Let’s figure it out together.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Bitget.

KCGI 2022 program on Bitget

It is a trading competition on crypto futures contracts called “Futures”. The event takes place from 21 November to 19 December. The organization will follow the different phases of the WC, which take place simultaneously. For this special occasion, Bitget will be giving away many football-inspired prizes, such as fan tokens for example. To top it all off, one lucky competitor will have the chance to win a shirt signed by the football star, Lionel Messi ! In addition, the reward pool will be able to reach 100 BTC, depending on the number of registered teams. If all this makes you want to dribble, follow the guide!

Take part in the prestigious King’s Cup Global Invitational

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First of all, you must create an account on Bitget and register for the event on the dedicated page. Then you have the choice between two options:

  • Create a team: Do you have the soul of a captain to lead your teammates to victory? Recruit at least ten friends and submit your list by November 20th. Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours. After validation, you will receive a link to distribute to resellers who will follow you.
  • Join a team: The registration period only applies to creating teams. You can therefore register until 16 December. So go to this side to join a stable of champions.

If your team has less than ten members at the deadline, it will be disbanded. Players will then be randomly assigned to another team.

Please note that there will be several forms of competition. So if you’re really elite, you can accumulate earnings by participating in various programs!

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Team competition process

The festivities begin on November 21. They will follow the same calendar as the football World Cup. There will thus be:

  • A group phase
  • Round of 16, then quarterfinals
  • A grand finale

The competition gets tougher as the competition progresses. In fact, the number of teams rewarded in Bitcoin will decrease in each phase. To find the winners, bitten take into account two criteria in turn. These are the cumulative gains and the trader’s win/loss ratio. However, the phases will not be eliminative. So you can participate until the end, even if your team doesn’t win one of the rounds.

The rules for the team competition

Also note that the top 32 teams with the most traders will also be able to win fan tokens.

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To participate in KCGI in a different way

In addition to the trading competition, there will be two other reward systems.

Earn by inviting friends

In each phase the reward amount will increase, but you will also have to increase your collective and your capital. These are the mandatory conditions to be eligible for the prize. So you will have to invite more players to register on Bitget and join the event. In addition, you will have to trade an increasing amount from one stage to another. Thus, during the final, 50 referrals and a trading volume of Minimum $5,000 will be required.

Collect balloons

You can also earn extra rewards by performing tasks under KCGI. By doing so, you earn points in the form of “football”. Some examples of decisive actions:

  • Pass KYC
  • Make a deposit of 1000 USDT
  • Predict the results of World Cup matches

You will thus be able to claim a share of the dedicated kitty. This will grow to 2,000,000 of dollars in cryptocurrency depending on the number of registrants.

In parallel with the trading competition, Bitget offers the opportunity to win cryptocurrencies in a fun way
Collect balloon points to earn rewards

This fall edition of King’s Cup Global Invitational therefore suggest more opportunities to participate while having fun. The exchange thus intends to restore the connection to the success of the previous competition. It had actually attracted no less than 4,754 traders from all over the world. For this third competition, the football tone confirms the platform’s strong involvement in sports. In fact, for example, this year it has entered into a collaboration with, among others, the legendary Juventus from Turin.

Bitget has quickly established itself as one of the best crypto derivatives platforms. Her copy trading functionality contributes to this success by making the trading experience accessible to as many people as possible. In addition, the exchange emphasizes the “social network” which allows traders to discuss their strategies. KCGI will also be an opportunity to test “Bitget Insights”. It is a tool for disseminating reliable information about crypto trading. Something to inspire the participants to reach the top of the leaderboard! Ready for kick-off?

Do you want to demonstrate your trading skills in a high-level competition? Register on Bitget and participate in the King’s Cup Global Invitational. Up to 200 BTC will be up for grabs to reward champions (commercial link).

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