Jérôme Azé succeeds Philippe Pujas as head of the Béziers University Institute of Technology

Philippe Pujas, associate professor of physics, will therefore return to his students at the start of the next school year, after ten years at the direction of the IUT of Béziers.

But it is since 1995 that he has been working at the university institute. At the time, the establishment was located at Quai Port-Neuf. “It was a branch of the IUT Montpellier Sète, without a director, I only taught.”

The IUT of Béziers becomes autonomous in 2008

In 2008, the independent entity, IUT de Béziers, was created. Philippe Pujas has been appointed deputy director, he will be responsible in particular for the relocation of the IUT, whose construction is planned for the Champ-de-Mars (place du 14- Juillet, where it is currently located).

The move will take place in 2011. At the beginning, the IUT is directed by Yves Moreau. A year later, in 2012, the latter retired, and Philippe Pujas was elected director. He will continue to teach computer science and telecommunications, on 30% of his time, the remaining 70% being devoted to management.

When it comes to listing the main highlights that Philippe Pujas experienced during these two five-year terms (a 3rd is not allowed), he smiles. Difficult to choose. He will end up making a sorting out to mention first of all the installation in the new establishment.

“In the current premises, the relationship with the students has changed for more proximity. I explain this by buildings organized to be closer to the students”, with patios, a garden, large corridors and a relaxation area.

“I would also say integration into the Biterrois ecosystem, with little by little, the establishment of partnerships with communities, companies or business clusters thanks to which we can organize various events: internships, festivals, etc.”

He will also indicate the “transformation of the IUT into a creativity accelerator, with laboratories and innovative teaching methods”. Including fablabs and learning labs.

Finally, the “always” director until September 1 also retains the development of the educational offer. With an additional department created in 2018, social careers, which comes on top of MMI, Tech de Co and networks and telecoms. “We have a fifth department in the pipeline, on industry 4.0 jobs, in collaboration, among others, with Genvia.”

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