Jake Freeman this student trader who earns 110 million dollars in one month

This is not advertising for a dubious financial influencer, website or trading training organization to attract clients. 20-year-old college student Jake Freeman made $110 million in just one month, the Financial Times reported. At the age of 18, he ran for the US presidential election campaign. Ultimately, it is not in politics but in the markets that he will make a name for himself. Two years later, he became the new prince of Wall Street. The prodigy is inundated with requests for interviews.

In July, Jake Freeman bought nearly 5 million shares of the Bed Bath & Beyond group at a price close to $5.50 and sold them a month later when it exceeded $27. He initially thought that the action could be doubled at most. He was wise to sell when the “speculative puff” subsided. On Friday, the title closed on a dive of 40.5% to 11 dollars. It fell another 16% on Monday to $9.

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